Seen on the Web – A selection of interesting posts (November 2020)

Seen on the Web – A selection of interesting posts (November 2020)

For the first KAM WITH PASSION Seen on the Web selection, I have chosen posts of three of my favorite sales practitioners and bloggers.

Each of the three, always writes thoughts-provoking articles. You will probably see a lot from them in future issues of this selection.

The themes covered in these 3 posts touch on some fundamental aspects of complex sales. We will very often look at them on this blog, changing the perspective a little bit each time (remember, this blog is about the colours of sales performance!).

All sales problems are pipeline problems – Dave Brock, one of my Top 3 bloggers on sales AND sales management, is not afraid of using the S-word in sales: “Systemic”. In this article, he explains how identifying all the parameters that go in the way of higher win rates requires a detective-like systemic approach. If you see red or immediately close your hears when the word systemic is associated to sales, read this article. You will see it is not that bad. It is even highly relevant!

Why do we have to spend this money now?Bob Apollo used to label himself as the ROI guy before shifting to the moto outcome-focused selling which I love. His article focuses on the make or die of complex sales: leading the prospective customer to break the status quo. This can only be achieved by an excellent discovery and diagnosis of the potential customer situation.

Stop confusing value and ROI – David Priemer, founder of Cerebral Selling is an expert of the art of questioning (as well as a seasoned sales executive who turned into a sales consultant) but explores many other themes as well. In this article, he exposes a very frequent confusion made between value and ROI (Return On Investment). Although using a lot of examples taken from the consumer space, the learning from this article is applicable in a B2B space. This is also something into which we will dive in future posts.