KAM Reloaded™

KAM Reloaded™ provides the exhaustive framework required to build a key account management strategy and successfully advance the phases of implementation over time. Far more than existing KAM methodologies, it places strong emphasis on KAM teams, their collaboration, dynamic along with the quality of key account plans and crucial  interactions with Key Accounts.. It also offers a highly effective and pragmatic framework to analyse an existing KAM programme and define a roadmap for improvement.

3 Dimensions of KAM

KAM Reloaded™ was built with great intellectual precision while ensuring  it is easily understood by all staff involved in the KAM initiative. The methodology—which relies on three pillars including KAM Infrastructure, KAM Teams, and the Key Account Plan—is designed to adapt to the organisation’s unique environment and processes.

The 3 Pillars

Programme Approach

Experience KAM practitioners know that, in order to be successful, a KAM initiative must be managed as programme, not only as a set of activities with Key Customers. Regardless of the size of an organisation or the nature of its business, KAM Reloaded™ allows you to articulate both the programme management side and the operational side (KAM Teams, Key Account Plans) and to develop them harmoniously through successive iterations.

KAM Programme Implementation

Key Account Plan Life Cycle

KAM Reloaded™ emphasizes the quality of key account plans and their effective execution. With its flexible and pragmatic framework along with our customised training and coaching support, we help key account managers and their account teams develop and enhance their skills along with the success of their account plans.

Key Account Plan Life Cycle