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Open a dialogue, create value, and pave the way to increased sales revenue.

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Master the sales process within a complex business ecosystem.

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Efficiently and effectively manage your entire customer portfolio.

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Execute strategy faster and accelerate growth with key account management.

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Services tailor made for you

Boosting complex sales or account management capabilities or introducing and maturing a key account management or a sales enablement initiative takes serious effort. As such, the consultancy you partner with should adapt to your business—not the other way around.

At KAM With Passion, we tailor our services to meet your specific business environment and needs. Realise the benefits in obtaining counsel and support founded on robust yet flexible methodologies as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Our Instruments
Depending on your goals and priorities, we combine various instruments to serve your purpose.
Executive Workshops
Introduction to Business Ecosystem Selling, Sales Effectiveness, Account Management and KAM, Strategy and Organisation.
Methods and Tools Design
Design of methods, processes, and tools.
Team Workshops
Collaborative workshops to co-design methods and tools, to share experiences, and to deepen proficiencies.
Skills Development
Definition of skills requirements, assessment tools, and design of training paths and content.
Training and Coaching
Face-to-face and remote training and coaching.
Mobilisation and Roll-Out
Implementation, change management, and cultural shift.
Guidance on selection, customisation, and deployment of software tools.

Proven flexible methodologies, system thinking, focus on  human factors.

Our proven, flexible, state-of-the-art methodologies combine system thinking with a strong focus on human factors. Rooted in operational experience, these methodologies leverage our extensive management and consulting expertise garnered while working with a board range of organisations and business sectors. Our Methodologies also leverage deep insights from seasoned sales and KAM practitioners along with some of the best international authors and researchers.

Business Ecosystem Selling™

A state-of-the-art marketing and sales methodology designed for the 21st century B2B selling environment.<a href=https://kam-with-passion.com/business-ecosystem-selling> more details

Account Management Framework™

A powerful yet straightforward methodology to manage customer satisfaction, retention, and growth. <a href=https://kam-with-passion.com/account-management-framework>more details

KAM Reloaded™

A proven, innovative methodology to build, implement, and mature key account management initiatives and to advance associated skills development and cultural change.
<a href=https://kam-with-passion.com/kam-reloaded> more details

Case Studies

Global Construction Materials Organisation in the Infrastructure Market | Revamping the KAM Methodology and Tools + Coaching

We worked with a global construction materials organisation in the infrastructure market to revamp their global account methodology and make it simpler and more operational. This involved a series of workshops with their team and support for the KAM Programme Director in adapting various tools and processes.

We supported and coached global account managers to mobilise their global organisation and build their first Global Account Plans.

Outcome: The company realized an increased dynamic for the initiative along with improved communication among the GAMs and local organisations. In less than two years, the programme generated a portfolio of projects exceeding 250 M€.

Global Engineering and Concession Management Company | Business Ecosystem Modelling, Messaging, Content Strategy

For a Division in charge of managing Roads & Airports Concessions and engineering mobility and renewable energies solution, drove a collaborative modelling of the Business Ecosystem of each line of business, defined strategic positioning messages and created a content strategy aligned with each sales process

Global Electrical Equipment Organisation | KAM Audit and Improvement Roadmap for the Company’s French Subsidiary

We conducted an audit of the existing KAM programme melding face-to-face interviews with online surveys targeting various audiences. We also conducted a deep dive analysis of a few  selected strategic customers. We then presented detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of all elements of the organisation’s KAM system and practice. This proposal included a roadmap outlining improvement measures they could implement right away. Collaborative workshops were also conducted with the leadership team to finalise the improvement roadmap and to prepare for implementation.

Outcome: The company realized continuous improvement of its KAM practice as measured by the quality of its account plans along with noticeable relationship improvements and revenue growth with several of its key accounts.

Global Construction Materials Organisation | KAM Methodology and Playbook, Country Strategy, and Implementation Workshops

We enabled the development of a country-level KAM initiative for a global construction materials organisation. We also co-created a KAM Methodology and designed the associated playbook. This included a series of strategy and organisation workshops followed by implementation workshops in five countries throughout Europe and North Africa. 

Outcome: The KAM approach took off in all supported countries, with the central support team now able to maintain similar initiatives in other countries. In just 18 months, more country organisations began their structured KAM programme with a clear methodology than had been accomplished in the 10 years prior.

German-based Financial Services Organisation | Sales Process and Account Management Practice Improvement

Following a sales performance audit, we co-created a solid sales process for a German-based financial services organisation. We also contributed to the specification of the CRM including sales process stages, progress, results KPIs, and a dashboard. Finally, we analysed and improved the company’s account management practice, revamping the associated tool and developing a playbook.

Outcome: The organisation realized homogenisation of their account management practice, gained greater visibility into the funnel of opportunities, improved win rates, and achieved their revenue goals.

Consulting Company | Introduction of an Account Management Methodology

For a small consultancy focused on the transformation of core business processes including finance, HR, and supply chain and struggling to grow existing accounts, we introduced a simple account planning methodology with the associated tool kit and conducted training for senior consultants.

Outcome: The organisation accelerated first account plan development and realized measurable business growth across a number of accounts despite a difficult environment.

Various Companies | KAM Training and Coaching for Key Account Managers

We regularly conduct training sessions for key account managers at small, mid-sized, and large organisations across a broad span of fields (industrial, utilities, engineering, business services, information technology, agencies, financial services, …). Programmes span two to six days in length and involve case studies, role playing, and personal projects. The training path and content and the associated  tools are always customised to the company’s specifics. Sessions are conducted on both a face-to-face and remote basis.

Various Companies | Complex Sales Training and Coaching

We regularly conduct complex sales training for numerous sales representatives at small, mid-sized, and large companies within a broad range of fields (industrial, engineering, consulting, financial services, information technology, agencies …). Pedagogy involves a customised training content and tool kit, role playing, and participant collaboration. Sessions are conducted on both a face-to-face and remote basis.