Business Ecosystem Selling™

Business Ecosystem Selling™, our advanced end-to-end complex sales methodology, combines the best multifaceted influence-oriented marketing and sales methods developed in the past decades. Flexible and fully customisable it  leverages the essential concepts of  business ecosystem and influencers along with the buyer’s journey and the sales process. It also supports the selection, customisation, and roll-out of digital tools.

Complex Sales Process

Our methodology helps marketing and sales teams orchestrate the dialogue with the customer all along their buyer’s journey. It is easily integrated into a CRM and in a Sales Enablement initiative.

Complex Sales Process

Business Ecosystem

B2B purchase decisions are deeply influenced by information and opinions from third parties. Our Business Ecosystem Analysis framework helps communications, marketing, and sales teams analyse a relevant part of the business ecosystem according to the context and goals to drive their actions accordingly.


B2B complex sales is an influence game. Whatever the specifics of a given business, our methodology helps the vendor’s staff identify and engage internal and external influencers to bring value to the customers and prospects and support their decision-making journey.