Your Role

Chief Executive Officer or
Head of Business Unit

As Chief Executive Officer or head of Business Unit, you view your company’s stability and growth potential on a global scale and, as a result, look to strengthen the organisation’s ability to:

Maximise the output of marketing and sales teams and their contribution to the top line.

Make your business more stable and resilient by optimising the management of existing customers.

Expedite strategy implementation by building stronger relationships with your most important customers.

Chief Sales Officer or
Sales Director

As Chief Sales Officer or Sales Director, you’re looking to fix recurring problems and serve your ambitions in the following areas and others:

Defining, implementing and updating a systemic approach to sales performance.

Enhance the skills of sales team members and sales managers to improve overall performance within complex sales scenarios.

Successfully manage the shift from selling products to selling solutions.

Acquire new customers and increase the average win rate on opportunities.

Elevate customer satisfaction and retention while generating more revenue from existing customers.

Identify your strategic customers and garner more value for them for your company.

Chief Marketing Officer or
Solutions Marketing Director

As Chief Marketing Officer or Solutions Marketing Director, you’re looking to maximise the output and recognition of communications and marketing teams by:

Enabling and driving stronger engagement with your global business ecosystem and providing stronger and clearer positioning to your company and brand.

Bringing a major contribution to the organisations capacity to sell solutions instead of products.

Improving the contribution of marketing to sales performance.

Enhancing collaboration with sales teams on growth initiatives such as product launches, competitive campaigns, and account-based marketing.

Head of Key
Account Management

As Head of Key Account Management, you’re looking to:

Take the lead to make KAM part of your company’s strategy and DNA.

Improve executive understanding of KAM and their active involvement.

Design and roll-out a key account management initiative or assess and improve an existing one.

Strengthen your organisation’s capability to hire and develop good KAM professionals.

Improve the quality of design and execution for key account plans.

Develop the capability to co-create value with your most important customers.

Head of Sales Effectiveness
or Enablement

As Head of Sales Effectiveness or Sales Enablement, you’re charged with defining, implementing, and continually enhancing the services delivered by the function especially when it comes to:

Defining, implementing and updating a systemic approach to sales performance.

Educating sales teams on markets, segments, ideal customer profiles, target personas, needs and challenges, value propositions, and sales pitches.

Equipping sales teams with key methods and tools for serving their effectiveness, such as customer targeting.

Developing a solid sales coaching practice.

Plus potentially many more depending on your charter.

Human Resources
Learning and Development

As the HR or Learning and Development Leader or Specialist partnering with sales, you’re looking to develop services in the following areas:

Developing adequate skills reference frameworks for complex sales, account management, and key account management.

Assessing the skills of new hires and existing employees.

Developing and implementing training paths.

Developing and implementing onboarding processes.