Discover my Ecosystem

POWERING – Accelerating Sales –

I am Partner at Powering, an international operational consultancy focused on accelerating sales. This is my main activity and all services offered through KAM with Passion are also provided through Powering.  Our organisation has a unique ability to build an international or local team of experienced senior consultants able to design and roll-out sales excellence programmes. I am proud to be part of such a results-driven consultancy.


Interness Consulting is focused on sales training and coaching. The company puts a high emphasis on a combination of individual and team coaching as well as co-development and other techniques relying on collective intelligence. I am partnering with Interness on complex sales and KAM projects.

MEREO – Sustainable Revenue Performance –

MEREO is a US-based consultancy focused on solutions management, sales operations, and sales enablement. I am implementation partner for MEREO in Europe. Their motto, “Seek to Serve”, is in line with my own vision of the value we, as consultants, should bring to our clients.

ASLAN Training – Change the Way you Sell –

ASLAN is a US-based training consultancy that has developed a state-of-the art series and training programmes under the Other-Centered Selling® motto. I initiated a global synergistic collaboration among the company and Powering.

Association for Key Account Management –

The Association for Key Account Management (AKAM) focuses on helping to make true key account management more professional. As Board Member, I contribute to activities including events, workshops, bulletins, online resources, and to the certification of KAM training programmes. As member of the KAM ecosystem, my involvement with AKAM is extremely important to me and I am committed to giving and sharing my experiences with peers.

KAM Club France – www.kam-with-passion/kam-club-france

I am co-founder of the KAM Club France, a think tank that encompasses heads of KAM initiatives within select mid-sized to large, global organisations. Membership to KAM Club France is based on personal invitation.

ESSEC Executive Education –

ESSEC Executive Education is ranked third worldwide for custom programmes. I am proud to hold the role of adjunct faculty with a focus on key account management, complex sales, and sales effectiveness.

ESB Business School Reutligen University –

ESB Business School Reutligen University is one of the most prestigious business schools in Germany. I am proud to teach courses within the frame of the under the title of International Sales Management master.

Providers of Digital Technologies

I maintain a strong professional network of relationships with some of the best providers of digital technologies in support of complex sales and key account management. This includes relationships with Revegy, Upland Altify, DemandFarm, Kapta, Arpedio, and Membrain.