Key Account Management

Your Challenges

You lack clarity on the true strategic value of important customers.

You have evidence or suspect that you have missed differentiation and growth opportunities.

You’ve noticed a number of surprising disappointments from important accounts.

Your existing KAM initiative is not delivering on your top management expectations.

Aligning your organisation to execute on KAM remains challenging.

Key customers have been disappointed by your inability to deliver greater value to them.

Your Ambitions

Convert a few carefully selected customers into true strategic partners and accelerate innovation and growth.

Expedite innovation and strategy implementation.

Transform your company and its culture and make it more attractive to talents.

Be considered among industry leaders for your world-class management of true strategic customers.


Our Services

Our KAM services, built on our leading-edge KAM Reloaded™ methodology, can help regardless of your experience with key account management—whether you’re just starting out and seeking guidance or an established organisation hoping to refresh and boost an existing programme.

Trailing extensive experience in driving KAM programmes and managing key/global accounts across a number of industries and countries, we offer 21st Century KAM services  encompassing consulting, training, coaching  and mentoring, as well as digitalisation. Enjoy a flexible, comprehensive suite of services customised to suit your organisation’s unique environment and culture.

We can work with you to:

Educate the executive team on KAM to support and enhance decision-making about the initiative.

Define a KAM strategy to support overall business objectives.

Design and roll-out a first KAM initiative: processes, tools, skills development and change management.

Assess an existing KAM Programme and define its evolution roadmap.

Define organisational adaptations and skills development measures required by the KAM initiative.

Support programme implementation and management.

Train and coach key stakeholders involved in KAM and their teams.

Help account managers and their teams build and implement account plans.

Provide change management support to ensure alignment and foster cultural change.

Help in selecting and implementing digital technologies for KAM.

Your long-lasting benefits

In the end, our clients enjoy a more controlled development of their KAM practice, a better alignment and collaboration, stronger relationships with their most valuable accounts and are able to implement strategy faster for expedited results. Companies with a solid KAM practice already in place have also been shown to grow faster than the sector’s average.