Complex Sales | Sales Enablement

Your Challenges

Marketing and sales teams are struggling to shift from selling products to solutions.

Sales reps do not master the new offering.

Sales reps are not focused enough on the best customers and prospects.

Sales reps often fail to identify influential stakeholders.

Marketing and Sales material is not used properly.

Recurring disappointments as deals supposedly won are lost.

Win rates on qualified opportunities and proposals are too low.

Your Ambitions

Accelerate the adoption of your new offering and the shift form products to solutions.

On-board new sales rep and sales managers faster and better.

Make the collaboration between Marketing and Sales more efficient.

Design and implement highly efficient sales processes fully mastered by the sales team.

Increase win rates and average deal size.

Gain market share against competition.

Launch a Sales Enablement or an Account-Based Marketing initiative.


Our Services

Our modular Complex Sales and Sales Enablement services are backed by extensive experience in the marketing and selling of high-value solutions and services within complex business ecosystems. where influence mechanisms before and during the buyer’s  journey play a crucial role. At the core of our offering is our advanced Business Ecosystem Selling™ Complex Sales methodology.

We help your organisation:

Define and roll-out a Sales Process (or several ones where needed) that really fits your business.

Define a skills reference framework and the adequate training paths adapted to your needs.

Train and coach your marketing and sales team on the key skills and success factors in complex sales.

Efficiently embed the Sales Process into the CRM and drive adoption.

Develop the capacity of sales rep to identify all stakeholders, explore needs and articulate value.

Train and coach Sales Manager to take full advantage of the Sales Process to coach their team and develop people.

Build the adequate content strategy to support each stage of your sales processes.

Segment your customer base according to their true potential and lead sales reps to adapt their activity accordingly.

Your long-lasting benefits

In the end, our clients enjoy more efficient collaboration across functions, stronger engagement with their business ecosystem, and improved dialogue with customers and prospects. This leads to a better team morale as well as higher win rates and quota achievement  for most sales reps.