Account Management

Your Challenges

You’re seeing limited cross- and up-selling among existing accounts.

Price and revenue generation are not optimised on existing accounts.

Sales reps are spending too much time on customers who offer little return.

You observe internal tensions related to customer management between teams.

Measured customer satisfaction is too low.

Customer churn is too high.

Your Ambitions

Make customer-oriented cross-functional collaboration a tangible reality.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Increase revenue from existing accounts across the entire portfolio.

Improve your sales team’s overall productivity.


Our Services

When customer-facing functions use our Account Management framework  methodology, they’re able to improve the customer’s experience long after the buying process is complete.

Our services help you:

Homogenise and rationalise how you manage all aspects of the business relationship with your customers.

Segment your customer base and optimise the time allocated across sales and account management teams.

Maximise cross- and up-selling across your entire customer base.

Improve the profitability of your customer portfolio.

Notably elevate customer satisfaction and retention.

Your long-lasting benefits

In the end, our clients enjoy more internal collaboration, smoother customer management operations, greater customer retention, and a more stable and profitable business. In addition, a refined account management practice provides a solid foundation for a true key account management initiative.