The many colours of B2B sales performance

The many colours of B2B sales performance

Why a new blog on sales performance? Aren’t there already a lot of them?

To answer this question, let’s use an analogy.

Greek and Roman statues were painted. And yet, until recently, hardly anyone knew it.

Why was this? Because as early as the 15th century in Italy and the 18th century in Greece, when interest in ancient statuary began, collectors and archaeologists invented and imposed the myth of the white statue.

They did so knowingly, ignoring the traces of colours found on the statues. Polychromy did not fit in with their vision of antiquity, so they ignored it.

When  one refuses to see, one doesn’t see and leads others to do so. Only quite  recently have some archaeologists and specialists of ancient sculpture taken strong positions to get the reality of polychromy broadly recognised.

When it comes to articles and talks about commercial performance, there is a certain form of rejection of polychromy. Most of the content focuses on a  limited number of techniques and practices, always the same. The real big picture is missing.

Therefore, like these archaeologists, who have not been afraid to go against a dominant doctrine, the KAM WITH PASSION blog will invite its readers to change their perspective and take a broader view on sales performance.

Which topics will be covered and why they matter


The blog articles will revolve around 3 themes, without precluding the possibility of broadening this framework.

  • First, truly complex sales, those where many stakeholders are involved with often contradictory expectations, where the proposed solution is co-constructed with the prospective customer. Why does it matter? Because in B2B sales the average win rate of offers is less than 50% and because the #1 competitor to any B2B sales person is the status quo which leads to no purchase and wasted time for all involved parties.
  • Second, Account Management, i.e. the management of existing customers. Account Management covers all aspects of managing the relationship with the customer and their experience. Why does it matter? Because, on average, in B2B, 70% of turnover comes from existing customers. In addition, the stability and loyalty of the customer base are essential factors for profitability.
  • Third, Key Account Management, i.e. the establishment of privileged relationships and the co-creation of value with truly strategic customers. Why does it matter? Because, as numerous studies show, a strong KAM practice is the mark of true leaders in all sectors and a growth accelerator.

The editorial line

In team sports, the real marker of the greatest teams is not the individual quality of the players, but the power of their playing system and of their culture. When this collective power is present, all the players, the stars and the others, contribute to the victories.

The same applies to sustained commercial performance: it comes from the combination of an adequate system and a strong culture because this creates the right framework for people.

With this in mind, and to bring more colours to the discussion, the KAM WITH PASSION blog will focus on a systemic approach to sustainable sales performance and on human factors, both individual and collective.

The frequency of publication will not be high. The aim is to privilege quality and not quantity. In addition, I am consultant and my main activity is to get results for and with my customers, not to publish a media.

Finally, the blog will give the floor to guests, especially practitioners, always with the intention to focus on doers, not speakers.

That’s it for now. The stage is set!

If the principles presented resonate with you, if you too are tired of always the same view on the world of sales and tempted by polychromy, register on the site to be automatically informed of new articles and resources.

See you soon!